Get your Herb Garden Started

By Ashley C.
on March 04, 2018

Get your Herb Garden Started

New to gardening? Start with an indoor herb garden! The easiest way to see if you have a green thumb!  Create an edible endeavor with these snazzy terracotta pots. Fired clay pieces with color-blocked glaze painted with your favorite herb name.


Basil is a spicy herb prized by cooks and belongs to the mint family. Chop fresh basil and toss it on top of anything.


Rosemary is widely used for cooking and in cosmetic preparations.  It has a wonderful taste and aroma, but also a wealth of beneficial health effects.


Parsley is used mainly in culinary herb and garnish. Small amounts are used in baked goods, sauces, stews and soups. etc.  Chop them up and toss them on top of a finished dish.


Thyme is commonly used for food flavoring and seasoning agent. Great add to your pasta sauce, omelettes, soups.


Cottage-Style and Veranda Living

By Ashley C.
on February 25, 2018

Cottage-Style and Veranda Living

For Spring, we're bringing to you products that will create a comfy cottage-style and veranda living.   

Beautiful, golden, sunburst mirrors are just what your cottage need to transfer the sparkle of sunlight to all corners of the room.  We are introducing 3 mirrors that do just that!  All in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large.

Sunburst Mirrors for your Shabby Chic Cottage



Living al fresco on the veranda!  Set a relaxing ambiance with our collection of lanterns for those early evenings on the veranda. Use scented candles or citronella! 


Strapping Lanterns

Veranda Lanterns

Domed Copper Lanterns

Dome Copper Lanterns


Whether you prefer cottage-style or veranda living, or both, our Spring products will surely bring your living to the outdoor!

 Please contact our design team with any questions @

Design Tips: Summer Photo Gallery

By Ashley C.
on June 24, 2017

Design Tips: Summer Photo Gallery

Create a summer-themed photo gallery!  You want to remember those endless summer activities!  Here are some ideas!


Any photos with water. Photos captured doing water sports, swimming and days at the beach are awesome to include!

BBQ’s, picnics and eating outside

Outdoor gathering with friends and families eating outside, BBQ's, picnics, etc. Photos of long evenings spent in the garden with friends and family. 

Outdoor activities

Any photos captured doing outdoor activities such as hiking, walking the dogs, bicycling, attending fairs, boardwalk activities, etc.

Summer Festivals

Summer means festival season!  Photos taken during a music summer festival, art festival, etc. 


We have just the right frames for your gallery!


By the Beautiful Sea Frame

By the Beautiful Sea 

Large Wood Plank Frame


White Distressed Photo Frame


Click here for our complete Frames Collection



Design Tips: Decorative Plates as Wall Art

By Ashley C.
on April 30, 2017

Design Tips: Decorative Plates as Wall Art

You have a blank wall and can't figure out what to put there? Give your wall a stylish, charming accent with decorative plates. Farmhouse, modern, rustic, southwestern, etc., you'll find decorative plates in all these different decor style.  We find that Houzz have the most complete collection of decorative plates! Here are our favorites!




Now Shipping Internationally

By Ashley C.
on March 04, 2017

Now Shipping Internationally

Great news for our friends outside the US!  We are now shipping internationally!  We thank you so much for your patience and your loyalty!  Mabuhay! 

Design Tips: Mix & Match

By Ashley C.
on February 19, 2017

Design Tips: Mix & Match

Give the illusion of one unified piece by layering different colors, sizes and shapes within your indoor and outdoor spaces. Cluster or stagger pieces near or far apart to add the effect of natural movement within the space.



Farmhouse Style

By Ashley C.
on December 26, 2016

Farmhouse Style

We're seeing a lot of fun, home decor embodying farm house living... and we're loving it! Interchangeably used, country style, is all about casual and cozy. Outfit your home with a farmhouse look while giving it an up-to-date spin that mirrors your taste.  Here's some basic elements to give your abode a casual, cozy farm house feeling. 

- Painted wood
- Neutral color palette
- Whitewashed decor

Wooden Pig Wall Art

 This wall art encompasses all 3 elements of a farmhouse style, neutral, whitewashed and painted wood.

- Distressed overtones
- Vintage decor
- Natural textures

Pitchfork Wall Decor Shovel Wall Decor

These are farm styles because they are vintage, they have distressed overtones and have natural textures.


- Galvanized rustic metal accents
Round Willow Tealight Candle Holder

  This tealight holder is made from galvanized metal, willow basket and glass.   

Check out our other farmhouse style products!

Shell Chimes

By Ashley C.
on October 30, 2016

Shell Chimes

Many home decor products from the Philippines are made from shells. It's not a surprise since the country is surrounded by water and is made up of thousands of islands. Many folks rely on the sea for a living. We have some chimes made from seashells including capiz on hand ready to ship to your home. 

This beautiful chime is made up of small seashells found on the shores of the Philippines.


Capiz shell chimes 



By Ashley C.
on October 17, 2016


A typical common chair in the Philippines made from narra and rattan. The seat is curved and the back reclines. The arm is sometimes flat and long and used for propping the feet. Uniquely Filipino!

These in particular are butakas of lolo and lola in the Philippines. Matching butakas! 


Apples in Abundance During the Fall

By Ashley C.
on October 02, 2016

Fall apple slices on FAL's Bukid Ceramic Bowls

Apples are in season! From August to November, apples are in harvest. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! What better time to follow to this expression! During this time, you will see the most variety of apples at your grocery stores. McIntosh, Rome Beauty, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and so on. We love to try them all!  Some recipes to try: Dessert recipe-Apple Crisp, Filipino food recipe-Pork Chops with Apple-Cinnamon or easy to make Caramel Apples below:

Caramel Apples

5 medium apples
1 pound of store bought caramels
2 tablespoons water
1/2 cup chopped unsalted peanuts

1. Line baking sheet with wax paper.
2. Flatten 5 paper cupcake liners on the baking sheet.
3. Remove the stems of the apples.
4. Insert a wooden skewer into each apple. 
5. Combine the caramels and 2 tablespoons of water on top of a heatproof bowl set         over boiling water. Or use a double boiler.
6. Stir until the caramels are melted and smooth.
7.Dip in the apples, one at a time.
8. Scrape the excess off.
9. Dip the bottom of the apple in the peanuts.
10. Set each apple on a cupcake liner to cool off. 
11. Refrigerate until the caramel settles in a few minutes. 
12. Enjoy! (Recipe from Joy of Cooking)

Or simply just slice and eat and put it in our Bukid Ceramic Bowls



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