Cottage-Style and Veranda Living

For Spring, we're bringing to you products that will create a comfy cottage-style and veranda living.   

Beautiful, golden, sunburst mirrors are just what your cottage need to transfer the sparkle of sunlight to all corners of the room.  We are introducing 3 mirrors that do just that!  All in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large.

Sunburst Mirrors for your Shabby Chic Cottage



Living al fresco on the veranda!  Set a relaxing ambiance with our collection of lanterns for those early evenings on the veranda. Use scented candles or citronella! 


Strapping Lanterns

Veranda Lanterns

Domed Copper Lanterns

Dome Copper Lanterns


Whether you prefer cottage-style or veranda living, or both, our Spring products will surely bring your living to the outdoor!

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